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Because laughing really does make you feel better.

Super Mom is Retired

I never thought I would be the mother of six. I never contemplated owning an adoption agency, teaching every age from toddler to seniors, or becoming a voice teacher in music. I didn't even think I would know enough about being a mother to write a book about it. I only wanted to be a more than a mom when my children were young but I wasn’t sure what that meant. I got it, but I didn’t know.

My first degree started out as a degree in journalism, though it quickly changed to a business degree as I

I’m Surviving the Sandwich Generation

I’m the mother of five adult children and a mom. This is the second time I’ve been my mother’s parent now. It’s not fun or fair but this time I’m more grown up about it.

Mothers in the “sandwich generation,” ages 35–54, feel more stress than any other age group as they balance the demanding, delicate acts of caring for growing children and their aging parents, according to the American Psychological Association’s 2007 Stress in America survey.

If you are a grown adult stuck between caring for

"A day without laughter is a day wasted."

--Charlie Chaplin