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I am a published author and poet, a public speaker and instructor.

But first of all, I am the mother of six adults and eighteen grandchildren. My mother is eighty-two and now lives in our garage apartment. My oldest daughter lives two streets away, my youngest son calls almost every night on his way home from work, my youngest daughter is getting married next year and my husband's best friend from kindergarten joins us for dinner most week nights.

What does any of this have to do with my writing? It means my content is based on unaltered facts, raw  experience, and comedic truth!

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No one warned me about doing homework with six children in the house. I was blissfully ignorant.

Dee Shihady

It Started With a Book

I am a humorist, family educator, and the author of Laughing at the Storms

I started on this book when my youngest was barely able to sit up  in 1982 and I published it after my last graduated college in 2021. 

Documenting my life as the young mother of a fistful of children brought insight, laughter, and sometimes tears. It made me appreciate the little things and it saved my sanity. All I could think of, when it was done was, "If I could get one other mom in this world to see that you won't ruin your child by being yourself, it would be worth it."

Education & Experience

Through my children's lives I managed to help with the budget and keep busy by teaching adult classes on home skills, time management, handwriting analysis, poetry, and bible study. I also became the foster parent of eight other children while mine were at home. All eight foster children were at the same time. 

In 2000 I decided to start my college education. No one warned me about doing homework with six children in the house. I was blissfully ignorant. I somehow managed to complete an associates in business administration and a bachelor in education. 

While getting my degree I taught English to French students, tutored children, and in 2011 I opened an adoption agency. Not what I planned to do with my degree but on I went, still blissful.

Supermom is Super Retired

Since  my book came out in print I have continued to write and share stories.  I retired a few years ago from the adoption business. I retired a few weeks ago from helping with my husband's company.

I have a new book, due out soon, about surviving shared custody which I struggled through myself. I also continue to answer questions regarding adoption when needed. 

Most recently you will find me on Medium.  I speak, as always, to the sober side of life with a slight smile on my face. You will find me sharing poetry, thoughts on family relationships, the sandwich generation, adoption, and anything else family-related.

Where are we now?

If you're curious about "the rest of the story" here it is.

My husband, Mark, and I relocated from Atlanta to a small town in Pennsylvania a few years ago where he now operates a home healthcare business. Our children are spread throughout and in Colorado, Georgia, and Utah. We visit the lake, the bookstore and our grandchildren as often as possible.