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Why Is He Doing That? Is It Because He's Adopted?

If you have an adopted child you're already wondering how much of what they do is because they are adopted and how much of it is just normal childhood stuff. Did he try that because he is predisposed to it? Did she say that because she remembers something from before she was adopted? Is he throwing a fit because he has unresolved issues from being adopted? Why is she so different from our family even though she's been with us for so long?

I have 5 biological children. Most of my children have m
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How to Adopt a Steve Jobs

In the consulting I do I often listen to potential parents telling me about what they believe is the perfect child for them. I think that's pretty wonderful really; that they know and that they have a choice. I do ask them to be open-minded however, and open to the idea that even those who have children by birth do not get to choose the sex, the potential for health problems or the future personalities of their children.

The saddest thing in the world is when a potential parent is afraid that t
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Creating a Drama-Free Adoption Process

In spite of the thought that you will someday have a child of your own and that the two of you will adore each other there is the reality of applying to adopt. There is, for lack of a better way to put it, the grunge work that accompanies the dream. There are forms to fill out, fees to pay, visits to arrange to the doctor's office and police department and a million documents to collect, copy and organize. (Now where did you put that marriage certificate again?)

Though everyone knows there is a
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Could You Adopt a Child?

The first step in any adoption, whether domestic or international, is the home study evaluation. This part can be a bit intimidating as it requires you to answer question about yourself and your otherwise private life all the way back to the age of 18 years old. Here are 16 basic questions you would be asked and why they are important.
• Where do you live? Contrary to popular belief agencies don't normally ask this question to see if you're rich enough to adopt. They want to know this: Is your h
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Money For Adoption - The Top 10 Sources

So you've been through the gamut of deciding you will adopt a child. You've read the articles, you've talked with friends and family, you've made some calls (including on your knees maybe), and now you're ready to move forward. Except that there's one thing looming over you now... adoption is expensive!

Here are 10 sources to check out as you are making your adoption plans.

If you work for a large company you may check the benefits package. Many (such as Target, Wendy's [Dave Thomas was adopte

A Little About Me and Adoption

I was once a foster mother for eight girls. My family of five and they all lived in a home together. I learned to love those girls with all my heart. 

Years later I went to work for an international adoption agency. It was wonderful. I started working with the couples that wanted to adopt locally and eventually I started my own agency. 

Unfortunately, a little over ten years later my health would not allow me to keep working in this field and I retired. However, my love for helping families never stopped. 

I hope sharing the information I gleaned over my time in adoption will still help someone today. Please let me know if you have any specific questions I can help with. A may already have an article to share!